Interested on how we work? What our different points of views are? How we approach design? Why are we a design studio in nature? Read along :) We have Blogs in English and soon in Spanish.

The influence of Friso Kramer (1922-2019) on me as a designer

Last week the Dutch designer Friso Kramer passed away on a respectable age of 96 years old. It struck me suddenly how big his influence was on me as a designer. Not directly by him, I never met him in real life, but through his work that is present everywhere in the Netherlands and through one of his younger collegue designers at Ahrend, Bas Pruyser.

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Meet our Unbeaten Manifesto

Last week we had a design session amongst ourselves to find out two things. The first thing we asked each other was: “How we can create a work environment that both inspires us and gives us energy?” and the other challenge we need to tackle is: How do we attract the right customer to collaborate with?” One of the outcomes of this design session was our Unbeaten Manifesto.

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Our design process as a design studio.

Having a clear design process is key for running our design studio. Our process was originated in our design thinking background. Design thinking emphasises on a strong involvement of the client in the design process. It makes him or her feel that they are part of the project, instead of just approving or disapproving designs or ideas. We walk them through all the process and work with them in every step.

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Unbeaten Studio, a design studio in nature.

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing, watching foxes run in the fields while enjoying breakfast and having the mighty Pyrenees as your backyard sounds like a scene from a movie. We are lucky enough to experience this in our day to day life. Unbeaten Studio is based in Ainsa Spain. A medieval like village in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

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