Our design process as a design studio.

Having a clear design process is key for running our design studio. Our process was originated with our design thinking background. Design thinking emphasises on a strong involvement of the client in the design process. It makes him or her part of the project, instead of just approving or disapproving designs or ideas. We walk them through all the process and work with them in every step.

Today designing a brand identity for a company or a self employed professional goes together with creating their online presence. We offer 3 packages for branding, web design and strategy! You can combine our individual packages together for a more integral result.

We create strong & smooth visual experiences.


- Branding
- Web design
- Strategy

Combination of packages:

- Branding + Web Design
- Web design + Strategy
- Branding + Web Design + Strategy

Our process.

For all the packages we use a design process that exists of three crucial steps. Explore, Design & Execute. This makes sure we come up with the best brand identity, website or online strategy for you. Every step has its own set of deliverables.



We like to start with a good conversation (Skype/ Zoom/ Real life) about your needs before we start designing. We like to understand your company. What are the companies values, offerings, vision, mission and goals? In what context are you operating? What does your market look like? And so on … we always feels like detectives investigating a case, trying to grasp any insight that can turn into a wonderful idea.

Once we know more about you, your business and your needs we will translate the data & insights you gave us into visual content such as moodboards and concept boards. Both will be shared with you, so we can be in the same page and start creating the good stuff.


Based on the conversation, the moodboards and concept boards, we will design either your branding, website, online strategy or all of them! After we share the first designs, you proceed to give us your feedback about which designs you like and “Why”. Feedback is our ally in creating the best custom made work for you. Generally after 2 iterations we agree on a final design.


The last step is all about making the designs come to life. Translating the branding into actual branded material, transforming the UX design into an actual website. In the different packages you’ll find the final deliverables of each executions step.

Do you want to join us in this design adventure? Are you ready for creating a new branding for your company? Or getting that website idea rolling? How about just going all in with a new branding, website and online strategy?

Please feel free to contact us! We would love to have a chat!