Meet our Unbeaten Manifesto

Last week we had a design session amongst ourselves to find out two things. The first thing we asked each other was: “How we can create a work environment that both inspires us and gives us energy?” and the other challenge we needed to tackle was: How do we attract the right customer to collaborate with?” One of the outcomes of this design session was our Unbeaten Manifesto.

These questions go hand in hand. The first one is about how we manifest ourselves as designers between each other as a design couple and in the way we work. As a result of that we portrait ourselves in a certain way towards our customers. The right customer for us is someone, a company or an organization who connects with our manifesto. Our work environment and the way we work is a reflection of the manifesto.

I hadn’t created a manifesto in a long time. Specially not for myself. I got inspired to create a manifesto for Unbeaten Studio after working on one for a recent client. Lindsay Schultz, a researcher at CHOi Design Inc. writes is her blog about the relevance of manifestos “A manifesto can act as a window into the designer/company’s DNA, allowing for the transparency everyone seeks.” For us at Unbeaten Studio that is the window we need as we are tucked away in the mountains. We need a clear window for customers to find us. So I will keep you waiting no longer. Here it is.

The Unbeaten Manifest.

  1. Nature Centered - We design with nature in mind.

  2. For The Planet - Working towards a better world.

  3. Serious Fun - Designing is fun but something we take very serious.

  4. Empathic - We care for the people we are designing for.

  5. Fast & Progressive - We are do-ers, no bullshitters and change makers.

  6. Power Of Design - Everything starts with human centered design.

  7. Positive - Have our clients create positive impact.

We like to keep it short and strong. The manifesto shouldn’t need much explanation. What is your opinion about our Unbeaten Manifesto? Does it make sense to you? Does it resonate? if it does and you are looking for a design studio to collaborate with, then I am sure we are a good match.