Unbeaten Studio, a design studio in nature.

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing, watching foxes run in the fields while enjoying breakfast and having the mighty Pyrenees as your backyard sounds like a scene from a movie. We are lucky enough to experience this in our day to day life. Unbeaten Studio is based in Ainsa Spain. A medieval like village in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

You might be asking yourself, what are two designers doing in the middle of nowhere… Why did they choose to move there? What do you do in that little Spanish town. Let me answer those questions as brief and as interesting as I can jaja.

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Jeroen and I are known for being quite impulsive people (in the positive way). We fell in love in 2016, got married in 2017, moved to Spain at the end of 2017…and are having a baby boy this summer. In between all of these beautiful events, life challenged us in several ways, but we always knew we wanted to be together. So when you can’t go right you create the most epic left you have ever imagined. For us it was moving form the city to nature.

Moving here meant starting from zero. Even our businesses, part of why we are here is mountain biking. If you by any reason have heard of the EWS (Enduro World Series), then you might know exactly were we are. Unbeaten Adventures is our outdoor adventure business lead by Jeroen, besides being a kick ass designer, he is an extra kick ass mountain biker and since last year a mountain bike guide. Ainsa is one of the best places to ride enduro world wide. So we offer mountain bike trips and guided days in this lovely area. I you are curious now, check out website:unbeatenadventures.com


We both love design, we wanted to continue to pursue it, in this case remotely mixed with some traveling. A city dose every now and then is needed to keep up to date with the latest in trends in society. Unbeaten Studio was born last year, when we combined our design talents into one. Me, (Marce) graphic design, as well as web design and some design thinking. Jeroen, design thinking, web design and some graphic design as well. This has been a journey, still is…in creating the perfect offering where both of us can give the absolute best as professionals while being in most cases far away from our clients.

Unbeaten Studio is known as a design studio in nature, because nature has been the key player since last year. When you combine outdoor life with desk life (designers reality) an amazing mix of productivity is developed. Doing hikes or bike rides in our lunch breaks or just being outdoors in general has made us more focused and determined. Nature is also a great stress reliever and believe me, it has also been key on keeping us up and running. Our designs, the color palettes we use and the shapes we create all come from inspiration of our surroundings and travels. Our eye for detail has become greater as we have learned to admire even the smallest leaf in the trail. The empathy towards the planet, being more conscious in how we live our lives and the future we want for our little one, has us keen in designing projects and ideas that can make you, a small business, an organization improve for the better.

author: Marcela Xirinachs
pictures: Jeroen Spoelstra & Marcela Xirinachs

If you want to work with us, get to know us better…feel free to contact us.