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unbeaten adventures

Unbeaten Adventures is our other company. Besides design, mountain biking is our passion. We love to show mountain bikers from all over the world the amazing Spanish Pyrenees around Ainsa. With Unbeaten Adventures we guide mountain bikers over the wonderful trails here.

The trails here are unique, you can ride your mountain bike year round and the nature is just stunning. We have a 1000 km of mountain bike trails on our doorstep

Design wise Unbeaten Adventures is our testing ground. We do a lot of firsts with UB adventures. We build our first website in Squarespace before we started offering this service, we experiment on instagram with Unbeaten Adventures. We hone our SEO skills with the website. We experiment with the customer journey, to improve the overall experiences of our clients. The only thing we didn’t design ourselves is the Unbeaten Adventures logo. It is good to have other people look at your brand.


Unbeaten Adventures is run like a start up. We try something, we learn from it and we adapt or pivot. With our background in design thinking/ service design we designed the customer journey and with our hands-on mentality we then executed the customer journey, create the artefacts and touchpoint needed to make the mountain biking experience a success for our clients. It is an ongoing iterative process. In 2020 we will improve our service for the mountain bikers and release a new website for Unbeaten Adventures in which we will use all the things we learned sofar.

What we did for Unbeaten Adventures.
- service design, customer journey
- execute the steps in the customer journey
- design and build the website
- writing SEO and adapting while we learn
- taking photos,
- writing blogs
- making videos
- strategies the social media channels


Visit the Unbeaten Adventures website by clicking on the image

Visit the Unbeaten Adventures website by clicking on the image


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