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Studio Brand

Working with Studio Brand is always a pleasure. We have done several design think projects together with Maarten Brand in the Netherlands and this was the first time we did a remote project. Studio Brand executed a beautiful design research for VTi Amsterdam on the topic of technical education in primary and secondary school, to find out when a kid or teenager who goes to school choose for a career in technique. Unbeaten Studio translated that design research into visual content.

Unbeaten-studio-brand-moodboard-service design.jpg

The project shows the learning journey of Sami who goes to school in Amsterdam. We designed a stakeholder map (below) of Sami including short personas of each stakeholder, a customer journey (bottom) of each phase in the education of Sami until she needs to make a choice for a certain domain she wants to work in. Vdi Amsterdam, the tech platform that was the initial client wanted to know when they could influence Sami to create interest for a career in the technical domain.

What we did for Studio Brand.
- remote design thinking sessions to converge design research done by Studio Brand
- mood board design
- design stakeholder map
- design the learning journey
- design the infographic of Sami




What does Maarten Brand think of collaborating with Unbeaten Studio

“ I have worked with Jeroen and Marce on several projects, the most demanding one a difficult customer journey and stakeholder mapping project for a client in Amsterdam. I don't want another studio. Why? Ofcourse because they have the skills to deliver great work on time, on budget. But more important they are a pleasure to work with. Very creative, not afraid to ask the hard questions, always looking for the absolute best result. No shortcuts. Highly recommended.”



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