The Dementia Journey


Regie op Dementie - The Dementia Journey

Both parents of client Hilma van Slooten where diagnosed with dementia at the same time. What she found out that the Dutch healthcare system kind of gives up on you when you have dementia. It is not about living but waiting for your end. She experienced that her parents are still very much alive. Hilma had a lot of questions for with she didn’t immediately found an answer. That is when she founded “Regie op dementie” ( The Dementia Journey). Regie op Dementie is a online platform where children of parents with dementia can find links, tips and articles about living with dementia in Haarlem, the Netherlands

We helped structure Hilma her initial ideas about the platform. We approached dementia as a journey. In this journey the person with dementia has different phases and key moments. After we created this live journey we could add categories that provide information and action points for the children and parents to take. We gave these categories a place in the journey of dementia.


For this project we not only design the journey and helped determine the categories, but we also created the platform, the branding and all the visuals for Regie op Dementie. Often for us as Unbeaten Studio, the real design work is in the conversations we have with our clients. In this cas Hilma. The great thing about Hilma is that she is fast and direct, and she knows where she wants to go. We just needed to get the right information from her, during our meaningful design talks.

What we did for Hilma van Slooten.
- remote design thinking sessions to create the live journey
- remote design thinking sessions to create the platform structure
- primary logo
- branded materials
- SEO strategy
- webdesign + building of the platform
- pointing website.



Key moments in the Dementia Journey

Diagnosis Dementia

Diagnosis Dementia



Passing away

Passing away


What does Hilma van Slooten think of collaborating with Unbeaten Studio

“Jeroen Spoelstra of Unbeaten Studio has the great quality to really dive into your world and thèn design what is needed by your target group!”

“Marce is the one who sharpened my logo to perfection”


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