No Bullshit Academy


no bullshit academy

The No Bullshit Academy gives leadership training programmes for business- and personal development. Working from head, heart and hands, NBA takes you on an honest journey that will confront, inspire and activate to clear out the Bullshit (BS) in your work and life.

The NBA is founded by Pieter Spinder the founder of Knowmads Creative Business School and dream and personal development guru Myrna Hoed. We know Pieter Spinder from our previous career and we love what he throws at the world. Not to shy to kick a dent in the status quo.


You can join on of the No Bullshit Academy programs in Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Israel, Norway. And always in surprisingly beautiful areas. Unbeaten Studio does the editorial work for all the leaflets of the different events. Besides that we designed the logo, we give them some unsolicited start up advice.

What we did for the No Bullshit Academy .
- design the logo and branding
- design the leaflets for each program and venue
- unrequested start up coaching



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